Wool Insulation Panels

After preparing the wool its Quilting Time!

The wall height is 6′ (72”).

To make the fitted panels we used duvet/comforter covers from the thrift store that we cut and sowed to size (h=72”+4”).  The 4 extra inches are to compensate for the space taken up by the cover when it is full of wool. At the top of the duvet we sewed shoe laces and other sturdy materials which will be attached to a cable running along the top of the wall.

How did we go about quilting?

With dozens and dozens of freshly stuffed and sewn shut pillow cases of fluffed wool we had to figure out how to keep it all together and prevent them from sagging when vertical.

Unnecessarily complex Quilting

==================Attempt one================ Unnecessary ?


===================Yes===================== All you need to do is lay the cover on the floor. Then dive in to place the wool filled pillow cases.

Quilting with friends is the best

==========Quilting with friends is the best ===========

Sharlene showed us an effective technique for securing the pillows inside the cover.

1. We took a good length of 1/8” yarn and threaded it through a 3″ needle. We doubled over the yarn so that two pieces of string are dangling from the needle.

2. We entered through the top and exited on the bottom. We left one end of the string on the top – enough to tie with (+/- 3”) later.

3. Then we entered through the bottom 1” or 2” away from where we exited until we reached the  1st length of string we left on the top before.

4. Finally we pulled the two loose strings on top together till they were taught like this pillow…



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