Assembling the Lattice Wall Section

Now that we have cut the fir slabs to the desired size of .5”x99.21”x1.5”, steam bent them, drilled holes, beveled and sanded edges, oiled and dried them we started assembling a lattice wall section.

Lattice Wall

Lattice Wall (but do you see how the bottom edges still require cut-to-size laths to be added to complete the lattice section?)

According to the yurt calculator (on a 22ft yurt with 6ft walls would require 5 khana sections, each about 15ft long. This estimate does not include a door or windows. Now since we have not decided on all the details (ie where the windows, doors will go and what size they will be etc) we don’t know exactly how long to make each section yet. Nevertheless the other night we were excited to see how all these pieces of wood would look together so we got right to assembling part of a section.

Nylon braided 1/4'' and 1/8'' cord

Nylon braided 1/4” and 1/8” cord

To tie the laths together we are using nylon braided 1/4” and 1/8” cord purchased from hardware store (cheap) and fabric store (price per yard, pretty colors but not so cheap so I wouldn’t go that route next time). Next time, actually I would use babish or hide laces to secure each junction. Anyways each color will takes its turn running down the front of each lath. Like I sais raw hide would be a nice material to work with but nylon is simpler and is less likely to crack or rot like animal skin.

Tying technique

Knot 1/4'' nylon braided rope

1: Knot then melt the end of the nylon rope to seal the threads then pass it through the hole. Knot again the other side.

Tuck the second and/or third knot under the first one to lock it in place

2: Tuck the second and/or third knot under the first one to lock it in place.

3: Melt the tip voila!

3: Melt the tip.


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