Assembling the Tonoo





3 of 5 layers are cut, glued and screwed in. Super strong¡


2 thoughts on “Assembling the Tonoo

  1. I am currently building a yurt and starting to get to the point of making the crown. As I’m sure you remember, there are so many different ways and options of doing it! I have decided that the way you guys have done yours will also be the best option for my yurt as well. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind passing along the dimensions of the decagon pieces and the angles.

    • Hey Alexis. We just checked out your blog. Nice work so far!

      Check out this link for the ring measurement calculator / Toono

      We did a little recall calculation and we found that the
      angle of each segment: 18 degrees
      length of longest side: 50.4cm
      length of shortest side: 40.6cm

      We figured out the dimensions based on our 4ft plastic dome skylight.

      Other infor that might be useful:
      the thickness of the ring is 15cm for the bottom 2 layers and the next 3 layers are only 8cm or so thick (to reduce the weight)

      Feel free to shoot us any other questions, we’d love to help if we can.

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