All sides: insulating a round yurt platform

All sides: insulating a round yurt platform

The platform is round, just like the yurt.
There are six sections to the platform, each made to the plywood dimensions – 4’x8′. The beauty of this plan is that the platform could in theory be disassembled and moved… anywhere!
The main body of the platform was insulated but round the rim there were uninsulated parts (due to the straight angles of the structure) so we filled them with wool! Will we have mould issues? We shall see…


insulated yurt platform


3 thoughts on “All sides: insulating a round yurt platform

  1. Hi, Did it work? Was there mold. We are living in three yurts that are linked together with a central hall. I am looking into using raw wool around the bottom where the yurt fabric meets the wood platform to stop air coming up through the crack. Did you seal yours? What did you use? I notice a draft in places and thought raw wool would work. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Zeninamoment. I love update questions so thanks. You want to use raw wool around the botton of the yurt fabric by the wooden platform on the INSIDE? Yes we stuffed wool at the point where the floor meets the bottom wall – it is visible (somewhat) inside when we sweep the floor, but no mold there. Now in the above pictures we stuffed wool loosely (not sealed) in the actual wooden platform. The outer sections seen in the last picture will show that. 2 years later, its probably mildewy but wel havent checked since it is covered wilth plywood. Its not sealed in. The entire platform insulation is sealed on the top with a layer of plastic. Feel free to get more specific with your question if I didnt answer.

    • All in all, stuff some raw wool in there. Its cheap since farmers around here are throwing it out. Oh ya, our wool was not raw… it was washed with soap then it got a rinse of borax to keep out moths and other creatures (Borax is also a fire retardant) then it was carded and fluffed. Loft=higher insulating value.

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