The Crown Wheel is up!


I took this shot from my perch on the scafolding and from the crown wheel. Jed and I climbed up later to see if the wheel could hold wright. It can. This means we probably won’t need supporting poles in the middle if the yurt. Will snow build up be too heavy for the crown wheel? We shall see…



– The ring supports our weight – success!


3 thoughts on “The Crown Wheel is up!

  1. A word of caution about support of the crown wheel …..we live in a four season corner of planet Earth. Winter weather often graces us with snow, rain, wind and varying temperatures. You may have to shovel or scrape ice/snow off the yurt roof. Why not have some round posts for temporary support IE: a sapling with a Y shape at the top to fit the lip of the ring. On the beautifully varnished floor, use a small square of wood with a shallow hole to fit end of sapling post.

    • We are hoping the snow will just slide off the tarp, especially with the steep angle of the roof. The snow around here doesnt tend to build up so we should be fine. We might make support poles as you have suggested – if we need them.

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