Yurt Storage: wall pockets


We saw this storage idea online. The idea is that the extra roof cloth material is folded under and the excess material creates a pocket-like space. In our case there are 63poles so there are 62 pockets.

For a 23′ diameter yurt with 25 degree roof angle a 26′ canvas cloth would cover it. We sowed an extra 3′ for the pockets idea.

In order to keep one pocket from dropping with a heavy item and another pocket getting drawn upwards luke in the photo above.

We decided to secure the first 8” of of each pocket. While the canvas was in place on the yurt we marked with chaulk each interval (space between the poles and the depth of the pocket at 16”) then we took the canvas down and lined up the chill marks and sowed the sections up.




Below, starting to fill the pockets with blankets, sweater, towels…



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