VIDEO: Yurt Erection Time lapse

yurt skeleton jed

Watch (below) us insulate the platform and erect the yurt in no time – 2 minutes (it actually took several weeks!)



5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Yurt Erection Time lapse

  1. Nice work on your Yurt Sarah. It looks beautiful. When we were living in the yurt we cooked and heated with natural gas. We would sometimes get drips off of the dome, but it usually only happened after we had a really cold snap. Like -10 for a few days. Ice would collect up there and then melt when it warmed up causing the drips. We had easy access to the dome via our loft, so I usually just mopped it up with a towel before it became a problem. Other than that we never had problems with humidity or condensation. It may depend on what type of gas you are using. I hear propane can be troublesome. Hope this helps.

    • I just looked at the rest of your blog and thought of a few more things. Looking at that photo of the moon really demonstrates the condensation problem you are having. Also, looking at your process for putting it up, you really sealed things up. That’s great for staying warm, but not so great for getting rid of that condensation. Rigging up some sort of an exhaust fan through the wall might be helpful. You can hook on up through the wall in a similar fashion to how you put your stovepipe through the wall. My only other thought is a dehumidifier.

    • Ya we use propane so switching to a different energy source would be an option. Yes an air duct is also a good idea for 2014. Thanks. We’re now considering making a plexiglass barrier. This way we can still see through the layers but there would be less contrast between the outside cold dome and the inside warmth. I really appreciate your thoughtful commments. Did I read correctly that you are not living in the yurt anymore? Cheers!

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