max efficient space use: bunk bed?

Bunk bed trial

Trial/temporary bunk bed. By lifting the bed we create some 70 square feet of usable space underneath.


Welded based frame. The silver material is the perimeter frame we welded out of old bed frame pieces from the thrifty store. We bolted some odds and ends of wood for the trial. Under the mattress there are laths of wood to support it.


nice weld jed!

bunkbed view

View from the bunkbed.

yurt bunkbed

Cozy yurt bunk bed. Not too much space here for the feet or for general moving around…

We realised that we love to sit up against the wall and look at the polls radiate out of the center. Since there is limited room between the wall and the roof, as it is with this bunkbed style we are going to lower the bed.

I would love to see how more yurt folks and tiny house people are doing with bunkbed – we could use the ideas!


2 thoughts on “max efficient space use: bunk bed?

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