Bed: to raise or not to raise?

The question is not really whether we should raise the bed or not.

We will raise the bed. We want that precious space underneath! So the question is, how much?

raised yurt bed, storage ideas

Living in a yurt creates a container where you are shaped into living simply.

Living in Montreal I owned 7 winter coats. Now i have one town coat and one farm coat. I admit that i do have several mid seasons coats though… Anyways downsizing for me is a process.

So rather than live in a big house where we could hide all our stuff we have built a 415square foot yurt which beautifully forces us to have less things and be more creative with the space we do have.

Raising the bed into a bunk bed as we did the other week would have allowed for some 70square feet of space to appear below the bed. We could have a cozy den with pillows, scarves, hanging beads and all that chill stuff- basically a colorful gypsie inspired den that Bojana would be proud of.

However In bed we like to sit against the wall and look up at the radiating poles that lead to the sky dome. Its great. We wouldn’t be able to do that with the bed raised so high.

Now we are trying out the bed on two milk crates on each corner. We’re thinking of building plywood boxes to replace the milk crates. The goal with this height is to maximum storage space (to fit primary fermenters and carboys) to stash winter clothes, camping gear etc. It is also important that the bed be low enough that I can easily get up on it and sit on the edge. When living in a small space we have to make every space multifunctional; bed for sleeping, and bed as a sofa for hanging out and socializing.

Anyone dealing with a similar space usage conundrum?

Any ideas on the storage below the raised bed?


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