Its done – Raised bed with storage underneath

yurt with raised bed with storage

The raised bed on blocks looks ‘modern’ style eh? We think it needs some paintings on it this summer !

There is really only two reasons why im posting this. Well mom likes to see how yurt living is. Otherwise I am interested in sharing how we are living in a small space because so far we’ve found it hard to organize stuff. Many ideas I have seen for space maximization involved a loft style bed and thats not something we wanted to do. Sowing in storage pockets to the roof canvas was a good foresight. Otherwise we haven’t thought of much more to do…

So perhaps this raised bed design might be useful to other small home dwellers. I hope to hear from others about their creative designs.

raised bed yurt

Why make the bed this high? The bed is fit to slide Carboys under : )

side view of raised bed in yurt

The shelving unit that supports the bed (on the right side of the picture) can be rotated. Thus the shelf boxes could be facing the front, rather than the side.

under the raised bed yurt

Thanks to the abundant (yet wasteful) food industry we got 10 of these black bins, originally used to temporarily store green beans.


And thanks to the nrighbours for design ideas and carpentry skills and time :)!




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