Building a Yurt from Scratch: Resources

These folks built their own yurt too! Nice. They have compile a nice list of resources for others aspiring or in the process of building/living in a yurt.  We recommend

Online Build-Your-Own yurt / ger resources:

Build your own Yurt – A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger: P. R. King (pdf) – Gotta love this title – not ‘how to’, not ‘why not try’, but BUILD your own yurt. This 1995 doc looks great, and has since been developed into a book.

More Build your Own Yurt resources from the same source (

The Mongolian Yurt – A pdf of an article from a 1995 newsletter with some good info

The construction of a yurt – according to Ellisif Fkakkari (Monica Cellio)

Yurt / Ger Notes – an amazing resource containing construction notes, a yurt calculator and enough other useful info to see out at least one entire rainy day.

Yurt Plans from – these plans cost $20. I bought them and they are extensive + very detailed, and will be helpful no matter what exact version of construction we end up taking.

Instructable plans for building a yurt – some good pictures, worth a look


Yurt Forum – lots of owner-yurters here

Building a Yurt from Scratch: Resources.

via Building a Yurt from Scratch: Resources.


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