Changing the World with “The Yurt is Born”

This post comes from Sarah’s new england permaculture life blog. Sarah came up with the title and its bold! Most days I feel like my life makes little changes but really those “little changes” affect me greatly, my community and do ripple out and affect the whole – so its true we are all and always affecting the whole world.

Last year she talked to us about the yurt project. about the little changes that matter. and about the journey. awwwh, Thanks Sarah for asking your thoughtful questions 🙂

Building a New England Homestead

This edition of changing the world comes from the blog “The Yurt is Born.”  Be sure to check out her blog!

I found you through your blog. What is your blog and/or project about?

“Jedidiah Wiebe and I (Sarah Lecouffe Axtell) started the Yurt is Born blog as a means of sharing the building process with those interested in making a beautiful, hand built yurt made from mostly pre-loved materials for just 4000$. The blog was also there so my mom could watch : )

While we learned a lot from others the blog is also about documenting and sharing a bit of the stuff we couldn’t find answer to. Such an answer we learned through experience was… how can we make affordable sheep’s wool insulation that is effective at (-20C/-4F)? Our blog answers that.”

I believe that you are someone who is helping to change the world…

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