Who built this yurt?

Jedidiah and Sarah

We did : )

The site is tinkered on by me – Sarah Lecouffe Axtell – but we (Jedidiah Wiebe and I) both created and live the yurt year round in Shuswap, BC, Canada.

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What did we make the yurt out of?

 We created a 22ft/7m beautiful, affordable (4,000$), natural dwellings using wood, wool and other abundant/salvaged materials. And so can you!

So do you dream of living in a yurt? Do you want to build your own yurt too?

We’re so pleased to be sharing with you what we have learned and hope to hear back from anyone who has found this site useful, inspiring or just enjoyed the browse around.


Click here to: Watch us erect the yurt in 2 minutes   bam!!


yurt frame

yurt frame, August 2013

winter yurt, january 2013

Snow yurt, January 2014


How did we know the measurements for the yurt? René K. Müller electronic yurt building calculators were indispensable tools for us. He has shared his  “temporary building” diary in the form of an interactive and searchable resource on simplydifferently.org. Bravo!



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