Boat Soupin’ the window frames

After preping the window frames we decided on the ultimate finish – boat soup.

Boat soup is a wooden boat builder/sailer term for wood finish. The concoction has no strict ingredients but the goal is to create a finish that is durable, longlasting and beautiful.

boat soup materials

boat soup materials

We used
1 part boiled linseed oil
1 part turpentine
1 part tung oil
2-3 dollops of pine tar

Why this mix? We based the recipe off of various boat soup recipes found on boat building forums. Also we were fortunate enough to pick up most of the ingredients at the thrift store.

Interesting things about boat soup…

“Lin” is French for flax.
Turpentine, tung and pine oils all originate from trees.
Pine tar is quite sticky and dark so the more you add to the concentration, the longer it takes to dry and the darker the finish will be at application time and over time we are told.
This soup is so natural that jed suggests I put the pine tar on my fungus infected toes.

Since there will be no overhanging roof to protect the wood from the elements over time the wood is going to get much darker (nice!) And when it needs another coat down the road there is no chipping (like paint) or dulling (like stains). Plus we can mix up another wacky concoction and it will be good for another 20 years.

One coat


Oh ya…