platform cat hole and morel drying

platform cat hole and morel drying

The cat hole, which allows Duke to go in to catch mice is just big enough for him to fit through. Seems small? The other day we saw him hop through the fence. The fence openings are only 6”x4” so why make the platform cat hole any bigger. Im thinking of transplanting around the base some plants that mice and voles don’t like.

After a good couple days of rain last week, followed by some sunshine… followed by a message from Alex saying 40lbs pounds of morels were picked near her place we got out to the cut block yesterday. It was raining, but we had mushrooming hats on. It seemed like we weren’t going to find any at first but them we found huge patches of false morels or ‘brain’ mushrooms, which can be eaten with special precautions.

morels drying in the yurt

In the end we got a diners worth plus a few pounds to dry; hung up over the fire place…  And we had a lot of fun : )

morels drying over the yurt fireplace


Clean yurt: boot brush

How to keep your abode clean!

yurt, diy boot brush, yurt shoe brush, clean yurt

yurt boot brush (or crock brush in this case)

Boot brushes are great.

With a few swift leg movements back and forth you’ve scuffed off the dirt and/or snow. Step right in and maybe even on to the carpet – your shoes are so clean go jump on the bed!

We spotted one of these devices outside the Salmon Arm hospital after Jed conquered his appendix pains. We thought to ourselves “the yurt needs one of these”.

They are simple to make too. This one was constructed out of dumpstered brushes and wood. The stiff bristled brushes are best like the orange one on the right.

yurt, diy boot brush, yurt shoe brush, clean yurt

yurt boot brush


Make your own boot brush too : )

Insulation: How to cut styrofoam with a hot wire


For the last bit of yurt platform insulation we dove some luxuriously large styrofoam packaging from the hardware store garbage. When we asked one of the employees about the origins they told us these pieces were around a massive fake rock garden fountain.

We were going to use a chainsaw to cut it up but just imagining the mess of little pieces that would go everywhere made us look for other options.

Evelyn gave us a sweet idea! Plastics has got to be cut hot. Her dad use to charge up a wire and cut styrofoam. Voila. After a quick how to online search jed rigged this one up:


B guitar string – several because they do break
Jumper cables

All sides: insulating a round yurt platform

All sides: insulating a round yurt platform

The platform is round, just like the yurt.
There are six sections to the platform, each made to the plywood dimensions – 4’x8′. The beauty of this plan is that the platform could in theory be disassembled and moved… anywhere!
The main body of the platform was insulated but round the rim there were uninsulated parts (due to the straight angles of the structure) so we filled them with wool! Will we have mould issues? We shall see…


insulated yurt platform