Mortis-ing the Crown Wheel


We drilled 1” round or cylinder shaped holes (see the holes on the right) then we chiseled them out to about 1” cubes (see the holes on the left). We did our best to taper the mortis so that the tanens (roof poles) which have corresponding tapered rectangular ends will fit snugly together. Since each tanen and mortis were hand shaped some adjustments will likely happen at yurt erection time.


Linseed oiling the Roof poles


Merci Bojana!

61 poles

For the finish we used

1 part boiled linseed oil

1 part thinner

We started out oiling the first 15 poles on straight boiled linseed oil¬†with a cloth while wearing gloves. But then we realized that straight linseed oil was too thick and wasn’t really absorbing. 50%/50% linseed and paint thinner mix worked well on these fine pine poles.