Grass and lasagna

The yurt is surrounded by grass! Oh no!

The grass is good for mulching but even better at competing for space against other plants. We’ve started by layering cardboard to block the light on the grass. Some people call this the begining of lasagna mulching or layering mulching. Its just mulching. Some people say its not the best idea because it block the flow of air and gases in the earth. But how else would you smother out grass without using energy intensive machinery?

Then on top i’m adding all kinds of other mulch (wood chips, foraged peatmoss from people who dump it in garbage bags on cut blocks*, sand, compost, leaves, hay, poop, dumpstered lettuce etc). Eventually the whole area will be either woodchip paths – for mushroom growing or food/medicine. Its pretty intensive the amount of input this approach takes. However, unlike other composts… there is no turning, no heating or much maintenance required besides adding more layers of mulch when materials become available.

lasagna mulching around the yurt for perennial edible flower garden

Below in the  beginnings of the perennial edible flower garden that i planted directly into the mulch (rather than wait months for a traditional compost to decompose) we have motherwort, st-johns wort, feverfew, pansies, yarrow and soon to come up blue vervain, skullcap and spilanthes !



In the perennial edible flower garden we have motherwort, st-johns wort, feverfew, pansies, yarrow and soon to come up blue vervain, skullcap and spilanthes !


And on the north side of the yurt (where the chicken yard use to be) we have 10+ kinds of greens growing: kale, lettuce, mazuna, tatsoi, corn salad, spinach you name it!

yurt garden, growing greens







Cicada on the canvas

Cicada  on the canvas

After years of being underground this may be the first time this creature has seen the day light in over a decade! What a cicada? Jed knows more about these creatures life cycle but just to give you an idea of how fast the change happened… Late last night jed saw the cicada sitting on the outside of the yurt canvas wall. Then today at about 1pm it started to metamorphosis! in the past twenty minutes it has come out of its previous body and the wings puffed up. Amazing.


Cicada on yurt canvas

Cicada on yurt canvas