platform cat hole and morel drying

platform cat hole and morel drying

The cat hole, which allows Duke to go in to catch mice is just big enough for him to fit through. Seems small? The other day we saw him hop through the fence. The fence openings are only 6”x4” so why make the platform cat hole any bigger. Im thinking of transplanting around the base some plants that mice and voles don’t like.

After a good couple days of rain last week, followed by some sunshine… followed by a message from Alex saying 40lbs pounds of morels were picked near her place we got out to the cut block yesterday. It was raining, but we had mushrooming hats on. It seemed like we weren’t going to find any at first but them we found huge patches of false morels or ‘brain’ mushrooms, which can be eaten with special precautions.

morels drying in the yurt

In the end we got a diners worth plus a few pounds to dry; hung up over the fire place…  And we had a lot of fun : )

morels drying over the yurt fireplace


Cicada on the canvas

Cicada  on the canvas

After years of being underground this may be the first time this creature has seen the day light in over a decade! What a cicada? Jed knows more about these creatures life cycle but just to give you an idea of how fast the change happened… Late last night jed saw the cicada sitting on the outside of the yurt canvas wall. Then today at about 1pm it started to metamorphosis! in the past twenty minutes it has come out of its previous body and the wings puffed up. Amazing.


Cicada on yurt canvas

Cicada on yurt canvas

Dome Fixtures

How to outfit your dome for cheap:

Yes, the polycarbonate dome is expensive. But the hardware isn’t so much if you assemble it yourself rather than buying the yurt company package.

Below you see the set up:

1 screwjack
Springs for 3 positions
Rod (steal)
Rubber stoppers


Screwjack: when completely opened, the dome will be some 15” high at that spot. It looks like when you put a bowl upside down on a table and the bowl is lifted just on one side.

This spring is opposite where the dome opens to let air in. It is attached to the dome with a stopper made of rubber to prevent damage to the relitively fragile dome. It is attached on the wood with a small hook.


The next two spring poitions are like the one below, each located about a 1/4 turn from the screwjack opening. The set up is the same as above but with two stiffer springs (we have two short ones rather than one long just because those are the ones we picked up at a garage sale)


Crank handle: the tool that enables you to turn to open the skylight dome from the ground position. The crank handle combined with some kind of extender, be it a broom handle or a stick with a hook on the end, is what allows you to reach the screwjack device which when turns will open or closr the dome. Jed fashioned a straightened election sign rod. He curled the end into a hook so it can hooked on or off.


And lastly a fan to help with humidity condensing.